M60 TWIN flexibly expanded by GABLER Automation

Where previously two completely separate work steps were required, now a high-end solution developed by GABLER Automation turn them into one.

For the manufacturing of products with holes or similar applications most thermoformer face a situation where they have to deal with articles in a pallet system which transports them from station to station. A situation that requires lots of space and often forces a high error margin.

The great advantage of the M60 Twin is a considerable saving in space requirements as well as a low complexity of the system.

This results in increased process reliability at low production costs. A unique combination in this machine segment, which could be realized by the patented GABLER concept.

All in a single line of process

Thanks to GABLER Automation now articles are still being conventionally formed and cut but after that automatically transferred to the punching station and after the punching process directly ejected into the standard stacking/counting device – all in a single line of process.

The GABLER Automation solution comprises the use of standard components, the use of the smallest available spaces for automation, all without pallets, a significant low error margin, and the standard reverse stacker still available for further processing / stacking of the articles!

This groundbreaking innovation enables thermoforming and punching in a single line of process. Best suitable for products that require a hole punching, perforation and such. Hence this innovation lay the foundations for the M60 TWIN.

Synchronization and control

Everything is controlled via motion initiators and laser measuring points. Which stands for a perfect synchronization of movements for optimal cycle rates, a separate HMI (Human Machine Interface) can be integrated for this process. This way, thermoforming and postprocessing can be monitored, controlled and optimized at any time.

GABLER Automation engineering solutions strive for the ultimate goal: to facilitate the highest possible machine cycles. This keeps the speed high, the quality consistent, at low costs.

If you would like to find out more about what GABLER Automation can do for you e.g. by helping you further optimize machines and processes – please contact us at any time. We gladly support you!