Multi-stations with value added


Our FOCUS high-end machine series is designed to specifically meet the demands of production in multi-station operation. The FOCUS line adapts flexibly to all production demands thanks to multi-station construction. The high-end machines are optimally tuned to the production of bowls, lids and clamshell packaging and provide the widest scope for variants with their steel-rule technology.


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Both variable and high-performance

The flexible multi-station machine

The multi-station construction allows the high-end machines in the FOCUS line to be individually adapted to your requirements to offer particular advantages.

Wide scope for variants

The FOCUS line offers wide scope for model variation for all purposes, from the standard system with three stations and the small two-station version for combi-steel-rule tools to the king-concept with four stations.

High article quality

A sound construction and patented drive system guarantees precise movement flows and extremely smooth running, reflected in the high precision and quality of the articles produced.

Versatile applications

The flexibility of the high-end FOCUS line permits the production of a very wide variety of products, and the well-engineered tool-changing systems also facilitate fast and reliable article changeover.

Simple to extend

The modular construction of the FOCUS line makes it possible to add more stations to existing system at any time, for instance for camera systems or pad inserts, to fulfil current demands.

Very good TCO value

By forming and cutting separately in different stations, high service life of cutters and low tool costs, the high-end machinery offers a high OEE and shows a very attractive total-cost-of-ownership factor.

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Clever construction

Technical features of the FOCUS line

  • Multi-station construction in three standard sizes
  • Fast tool-changing
  • Steel-rule cutting tools with long service life thanks to stable forming station and drive system
  • Double-toggle technology in combination with servo drives, resulting in precise and quick movements and smooth machine performance
  • Solid steel/cast-steel constructions give individual stations high stability
  • State-of-the-art control combined with large-format touch panels for optimum visualisation
  • Use of existing tools after the necessary technical inspection possible

Machine types

An overview of the FOCUS versions

With the FOCUS line, GABLER conforms to market demands with the standard size FOCUS 80, the smaller FOCUS 60 and the large FOCUS 100.


Compact high-end machine for small batches.


The standard size for medium-scale series production.


Extensive forming area combined with high cycle times optimal for large series.