GABLER Thermoform M98 MAXX

Optimized for flexible tool-changing

GABLER M98 MAXX Thermoforming Machine

The M98 MAXX has all the benefits the GABLER Thermoform M-LINE brings with it: high precision, high cycle times and our unique tilt-bed technology. On top of that, the M98 MAXX has an increased installation space. That means, that it is very adaptable and able to incorporate almost all of the tools available on the market. Because of that, a lot of renowned tool manufacturers use the GABLER thermoforming machine to do trial runs with their new tools.

Productivity meets precision

Advanced Output Rates and Stability

The thermoforming machine M98 MAXX is perfectly suitable for high output rates. Thanks to its big forming area it can provide a high number of cavities. Additionally, the tilt-bed technology combines forming and punching in one production step, making the M98 MAXX a highly productive machine. On top of that, the thermoforming machine convinces by innovative drive technology and special stability. For highest stability in the forming station, cast steel is used in the frame – especially important for the production with films made of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) and polypropylene (PP). The high stability also ensures a longer life time of the machine and tools.

Highly Adaptable

Thanks to its increased installation space, the thermoforming machine M98 MAXX can easily incorporate almost all of the tools available on the market. It is highly adaptable and flexible, making it the perfect machine for when you want to continue using your existing tools, but still need a change of machinery. It comes to no surprise that it has been a market favorite for many years.

Cost Efficient

When buying a new thermoforming machine, there is usually a huge expense that factors into the decision: the costs for buying a new tool. With the M98 MAXX those worries are a thing of the past. Your can keep using your existing tools and combine it with all the benefits of the GABLER Thermoform M-LINE – the result being a cost-efficient yet state-of-the-art thermoforming machine.

High-Speed and Low-Maintenance

The M98 MAXX boasts all the advantages of the GABLER Thermoform M-LINE: speed, low maintenance, and efficiency. Rapid cycle times make it very high-performance whereas the use of cast steels ensures highest stability and longevity. Additionally, newest technology can reduce material consumption by up to 20%. That fact combined with its adaptablity make the M98 MAXX a highly cost-efficient thermoforming option.

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Your Added Value at a Glance

  • Easily adaptable thanks to increased installation space
  • Very cost-efficient by being able to incorporate almost all of the tools available on the market
  • Highest stability using steel cast in the forming station
  • High efficiency and precision with less material consumption
  • High productivity due to innovative, simple operation concepts
  • Easy and safe handling of the tools thanks to an integrated crane and tool change system

Smart design

Technical Features of the M98 MAXX

Maximum Adaptability

The M98 MAXX thermoforming machine has an increased installation space, allowing it to incorporate your existing tools. Thanks to that, a considerable cost factor is eliminated, making the M98 MAXX a highly cost-efficient thermoforming solution.

GABLER Thermoform M98 MAXX

Reverse-Stacker Automation

All products are stacked by the tried and tested turning plate stacker which leads the articles safely to the downstream machine. Stability, precision and precise fitting are the production results of the high tech forming and punching mechanisms. Better material distribution can lower the raw material consumption by up to 20 percent – without negative impact on haptics or top load.


User-Friendly Control Systems

The highly reliable control system ensures an intuitively understandable system that is easy to handle for the operators. A new sensor system that monitors all operating states during production ensures a high degree of availability. The operating concept with HMI touch screen already employed in the last M-LINE series has been further developed. The new generation ensures a secure link to upstream and downstream components.

GABLER Thermoform M98 MAXX Touchscreen