The latest generation of flexible thermoforming

GABLER SWING 3 thermoform machine

Small footprint, even faster tool change and efficient processing of all commercially-available raw materials, including R-PET and biologically-degradable materials: the latest high-end model in our SWING series gives manufacturers more flexibility than ever before - especially when manufacturing small to medium production batches.

Flexibility and efficiency combined

Fields of application

For space-saving production

Small footprint allows integration into production lines with little space or unflexible set-up

For small to medium quantities

Economical even for smaller product batches. Output capacity of up to 50,000 cups per hour

For frequent product changes

Tool change in less than one hour for a wide scope of products

Versatile and high-quality

The highlights

Economical all-rounder

The benefits of the SWING 3

Maximum flexibility

With the SWING 3, you can quickly switch between various products, such as bowls, cups and lids, in production mode, as it takes very little time to convert the high-end counting and stacking device and tool.

Cost-efficient production

The SWING 3 allows you to work extremely cost-effectively: low energy consumption combined with highly efficient utilization of materials and low personnel effort allows you to optimize production costs, even when processing small quantities.

Straightforward automation options

Our high-end automation solutions combine our peripheral devices with automation components – tailored to your production requirements. This allows you to boost your efficiency and productivity with very little manual effort.

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Your added value at a glance

  • Tool change in less than one hour for a wide scope of products
  • Maximum flexibility for changes of product requirements
  • Minimal personnel expenditure: The machine can be operated by one technician
  • High-end trim-in-place technology: High product quality due to forming and punching in one step
  • Compact design: The SWING 3 can be integrated in any production environment
  • Reusability of tools from previous SWING models
  • High-quality processing of R-PET and bio-degradable materials.

Cleverly designed

Technical features of SWING 3

Integrated tool changing system

With SWING 3 you can manufacture a wide variety of products. This is made possible, among other things, by the high-end integrated tool changing system, which enables the tool to be changed within an hour. The short changeover time minimizes downtimes and ensures efficient production with maximum flexibility.


Flexible adjustment of stacking and counting device

Would you like to switch between lids and cups during production? The flexible stacking and counting device allows you to stack products both horizontally and vertically. The changeover can be carried out easily and quickly at any time.


User-friendly HMI display

The intuitive HMI display is very simple which means that very little effort is required by personnel to operate the machine – from normal operation to tool changing.