Tilt-bed technology in best form


With its unique tilt-bed technology, our M-LINE is ideal for combined forming and cutting for the production of cups of all kinds. It features convincing high productivity, innovative drive technology and particular stability. Over past years, we have developed a complete high-end family with the M-LINE, whose models today number among GABLER Thermoform's bestsellers.


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Productivity and precision combined

At GABLER, value added stands for M

Particularly in the production of large series is where the M-LINE high-end machines show their strengths with their high output. They also offer far more advantages.

High productivity

With state-of-the-art technology, the M-LINE reaches very high output – from the small M60 and the medium M92 through to M98 and the newly developed M100 for high-end large-scale series production.

High flexibility

High flexibility in the production of very varied products is a central feature of the M-LINE. This is also ensured by the up-to-date stacking systems and the simple integration of automated solutions.

Highest stability

Using cast steel in the forming station gives the M-LINE high-end machines particularly high rigidity and stability. This is particularly an enormous advantage in production with PET.


Rapid cycle times and optimised moulding using up-to-date air-forming technology makes the M-LINE extremely high-performance. In the segment of large-scale series production the new M100 is the model with the highest output.


Fitting regenerative power units allows the energy consumption of the M-LINE high-end machines to fall considerably. In comparison with other machinery on the market, this makes them particularly efficient and favourable in operation.

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Smart construction

Technical features of M-LINE

  • Combined forming and cutting in one work process
  • Tilt-bed technology with stable guide column plus linear guiding system
  • Decoupled drive technology with drive unit for the lifting movement as well as a drive unit for the swivel table movement
  • Fixed upper yoke. All cutting depth adjustments are made only from the lower table. This results in an optimum parallelism leading to increased service life of the tool-cutting components
  • Modern high-end stacking system with rotating plate for production reliability and product flexibility

Machine types

Versions in the M-LINE

The M-LINE today comprises a comprehensive choice, starting with the small M60, to the medium-sized M92 and M93, up to the newly designed M100 for large-scale production.


The small M-LINE model for medium batches.


Our bestseller – available with a wealth of options.


Specially developed for processing PET.


Optimised for flexible tool-changing and fast cycle times.

Our new high-end model for the production of large series production.