Light and high-performance

Thermoforming production of plant pots

You can produce plastic plant pots on our thermoformers in any size, with or without holes. The precision of our machines guarantees continual quality for your products.

Value added you will feel

Your advantages with GABLER

High stability of plant pots

Our thermoformers achieve an extremely even spread of the plastic over the whole plant pot.

Highest form precision

Thanks to the high precision of our technology, you can produce your plant pots in exactly the form you wish.

Even material spread

Our thermoformers achieve an extremely even spread of the plastic over the whole form of the plant pot.

Extremely stable forming stations

Cast steel at the forming station ensures that our machines are particularly stable and solid.

High product output

Our machines achieve high output volumes depending on the model and product with a high degree of automation.


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Thermoforming plant pot production

An overview of our solutions for manufacturers of plant pots

For the production of plant pots we recommend the machines in our M-LINE in combination with hole puncher/stacking unit 4hole. This means you have all options at your disposal for forming with simultaneous or separate cutting.

Your requirementsOur machines
M-LINE + 4hole
Production volumesSmall to large-scale series production
ApplicationsCup specialist
Material input PS, PP, OPS, PVC, ABS, PET
Special featuresPeak product quality

Made-to-measure performance

Our product lines for the production of plant pots


The convincing characteristics of the M-LINE feature high productivity, innovative drive technology, high stability and simple operation. On an ongoing basis, we have continuously developed the removal system for tools and insertion in the transport pallets.

Your advantages:
  • High productivity
  • Great flexibility
  • Highest stability
  • High-performance
  • Energy-efficient
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Hole puncher/stacking unit 4hole

Our hole puncher/stacking unit 4hole transports the formed plant pots directly to pallets after the forming station and ensures precise hole punching in the puncher. The offcuts occurring are removed by the lower tool by suction. The punched plant pots are transported by pallets to the stacking unit where they are stacked and counted before being finally shunted away by a conveyor.

Your advantages:
  • The perfect addition
  • Reliable
  • Versatile
  • Simple to integrate
  • Highly compatible
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