Variable and exact fit


The automatic thermoformer VARIUS is characterised by its versatile applications. VARIUS was specifically designed for the production of high-quality bowls and lids as well as for other packaging. VARIUS offers great scope for the use of combi-strip tools, as just as a forming system with separate cutter or for combined forming and cutting with channel cutting.


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Broad range thanks to three variants

Versatility for greater productivity

As a thermoforming system with the broadest range, VARIUS offers a whole series of particular advantages with its three versions.

Product diversity

With its three versions, VARIUS is able to produce the most varied products from various bowls and lids through to special packaging.


The large forming area and in combination with suitable cycle times, VARIUS achieves a high output. The models are particularly suitable for applications in large series production.

High stability

With the cast-steel forming station, VARIUS maintains a high degree of stability and parallelism, that means that a great advantage for large-area tools in production.


VARIUS' up-to-date measuring and control facilities ensure absolute convenient operation and reliable production processes.


With the integrated tool-changing, VARIUS machines can quickly converted to another product. Simple of integration of automated solutions and pad inserts make them even more flexible.

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Smart construction

VARIUS: Technical features

  • Using cast steel in the forming station guarantees high stability
  • Optimised cam shaft that drives a more stable toggle system ensures high tool service life
  • Good tool service life due to extreme stability in connection with high parallelism
  • Foil transport with numerous parameter options for optimum production of pre-printed lids
  • Various stacking systems selectable – to match the application
  • Energy-saving drive control with regenerative units

Machine types

The versions in the VARIUS line

The automatic thermoformer VARIUS is available in three different versions designed for various production processes.


For combined forming and cutting in strip steel techniques.


Straightforward forming system for separate cutting.


For combined forming and cutting in channel cutting.