Automation – driven by speed and hygiene.

Whoever already purchased one or more of our high-class thermoforming equipment knows that we also have a longstanding expertise in fully automated packaging solutions. Our customer centricity and our expertise enable us to engineer and build a fully automated production process line for almost everyone.

As demand has increased rapidly in recent years, almost in step with the dramatic increase in production speed, we have decided to make this long-standing service even more visible. So we have launched a new business unit: GABLER Automation. This acts as a beacon for anyone looking for one-stop shop solutions. GABLER Automation will be the one-stop shop for fully automated packaging.

Experience our commitment firsthand with this new video:

Fast. Faster. GABLER Automation.

Fully automated packaging solves two major problems:

Speed. As output speeds increase, it becomes more and more difficult to process the output in time. While space for additional staff is limited, more personnel would also mean more costs. Therefore, an automated solution is the next logical step in the evolution of thermoforming.

The second issue driving this evolution is hygiene. The less hands are involved in your thermoforming process the cleaner, safer and more hygienic your products will be. The market demands it and a fully automated solution from GABLER Automation offers a turnkey solution.

If you are facing these challenges GABLER Automation should be your first choice. Simply contact your representative – he will help you with any case.