Highest hygienic food protection in times of COVID-19

Light, versatile and above all sterile – thanks to COVID-19, plastic has once again gained in importance as a hygienically pure packaging material. It is currently the number one recyclable material in the packaging industry, especially with regard to food safety. Not only is plastic particularly light, it also keeps perishable food hygienically clean and germ-free and ensures that taste and nutrients are retained.

The demand for hygienic packaging will continue to increase in the future. We would be pleased to support you in being prepared for this high demand.

From the small all-round machine SWING to the high-performance M100 for large series production, we provide the right solution for the entire range of applications.

However, environmental protection should not be neglected. Strongly supporting Circular Economy, we offer various additional components that granulate skeleton waste to re-use in the production process, pre-heating tools for optimal usage of resources, and much more. For example, our SWING 3 was specially developed for processing PET materials and biodegradable substances. Thanks to the combination of high cutting forces in the forming area and high-quality tools, recyclable materials can be processed without loss of quality or productivity.

In this way you can fight pathogens and at the same time do something for our environment.