Interview with our new Sales Director North America Christian Kissinger

Why did you decide on GABLER TF?
To work with a global leading German technology company in the plastics industry is a great challenge – even more so with the task to continue to establish and grow in the very dynamic NA market.

What did you do before?
After my studies of mechanical engineering in Kaiserslautern, Germany I put a lot of focus on composite materials. I spent 15 years as CEO of a German midsize company tasked with building and growing the north- and south American business. After 2 years with a large US Corporation I started my own business in 2017.

Where do you come from?
Since 2001 I live in the US just north of Charlotte, NC. I grew up in Germany in Pirmasens, a small town in the SW close to border with France. Most of my family lives in that region and I still have many dear friends there.

What is particularly important to you in your job?

Do you have a particular motto?
Carpe diem

What are you most looking forward to?
While plastic materials have been part of my work for a long time, TF is rather new to me. I am particularly looking forward to working with the GABLER team and with their help learn about that new technology, a new market with new contacts and customers, and to help making a lasting impact to further establish and grow the presence and business of GABLER in the NA market.

What do you like to do most in your free time?
Swimming, mountain biking and yardwork together with my family.

What is your favorite dish?
Homecooked Goulash – and since I came to the US sushi has become a favorite of mine. Aside from that every visit to Germany has to have at least one stop at a snack bar to enjoy a ‘Currywurst’.

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