M100 – superlative thermoforming tilt-bed

GABLER presents new trim-in-place thermoforming machine with up to 50 per cent more output

With the M100, GABLER Thermoform presents the new generation of trim-in-place (TIP) technology. The new flagship with its new high output capacity of up to 180,000 standard cups per hour unfolds greater scope and offers great benefits in production, product quality and automation.

The M100 and other machines are being exhibited at the current trade fair NPE in Orlando. And good for reason: “In the USA in particular, trim-in-place technology can fully exploit its abilities when the output capacity is high. In the past, this has not always been possible for large-scale series. We are proud to say that we are able to deliver offer top values also in this respect and by making TIP technology and its advantages available for many producers,” according to Carsten Stöver, Sales Manager at GABLER Thermoform. “The M100 combines high tech and peak performance with simultaneous low energy consumption. Again, we focus on standards underscoring technical layout and output capacity.”

M100: precise trim-in-place production with high performance and low waste

The M100 is ideally suitable for the large-scale series production of cups. It combines forming and cutting in one production step. This means, unlike the post-trim processes with free freely suspended cup-foil rolls and rapid- punching and stacking cycles. The M100 consequently operates extremely precisely. In addition, the machines integrate both convincing innovative drive technology and particular stability. Cast steel gives highest stability in the forming station – a major factor when using polypropylene (PP) in production.

“The effective cycle of M100 makes it capable of constant high output,” Carsten Stöver, Sales Manager at GABLER Thermoform confirms. “The trim-in-place process in the M100 now reaches a similar output as the post-trim method. The M100 produces up to 180,000 standard drinking cups per hour, now making it unrivalled in its sector and the machine with the highest output.”

M100: high product quality with reduced material input

As regards product quality, GABLER Thermoform sets a standard with the M100. The cups produced in this way are precisely formed, exceptionally stable and fit perfectly.

Yet another advantage: better material spread reduces raw material consumption by up to 20 per cent – and without any negative effects on surface feel or top-loading.

“GABLER Thermoform attaches particular importance to offering both increased production output and optimum product quality,” Carsten Stöver confirms. “Our customers not only place value on quantity. They require top products to guarantee smooth operation in further processing but also satisfactory final results.”

Reduce manpower and compensate for staff shortage

The M100 also promises greater efficiency and productivity during further processing of the cups formed. “As we operate high quantities in a cycle line with the M100, the integration of automated jobs like stacking, flow-wrapping and cartoning is easy,” is as Carsten Stöver describes the principle.

With its simple integrated automation the M100 helps to economise on manpower all along the line. “Production with the M100 reduces the cost of manpower,” as Gary Sowden, Sales Director North America at GABLER Thermoform confirms. An example: whereas large-scale series production post-trim needs easily 5 to 6 staff to attend to logistics, with the M100 normally only 2 people are required for product handling. At the same time, it is particularly in the USA, an ideal solution to the increasing staff shortages.”