All-round talent


As a small high-end all-rounder, SWING is ideally suitable for newcomers to thermoforming or for the production of small series. It is flexible and just right for the production of cups, lids or bowls with extensive scope for applications in combined forming and cutting. Being in a position to quickly react to fast changing demands, this model offers a very flexible solution – and this with product quality to satisfy the highest demands.


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Versatile and adaptable

The compact all-rounder

SWING, our small and reliable high-end automatic thermoformer in particular offers numerous advantages when processing small quantities and for frequently changing articles.


Uniquely compact design and with its flexible technology, SWING is untouched on the market for high-end thermoform systems.


Simple controls ensure convenient operation of SWING with minimum manpower investment.


With its high flexibility, SWING easily handles just-in-time production of small to medium quantities.


SWING is suitable for producing a great variety of articles, from cups and lids through to bowls, for shallow or high products with a depth of draw up to 160 mm, and is also capable of integrating pre-printed foils.


An investment in the SWING model is not only promising in terms of pricing, but it operates extremely economically due to low energy consumption and the minimum manpower required.

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Smart construction

SWING: Technical features

  • Great flexibility
  • Straightforward, user-oriented menu navigation for production, tool-changing and maintenance
  • Integrated tool-changing system with a crane for easily changing tools
  • High-end rapid product changeover guarantees high efficiency and fast deployment
  • Multi-row combined forming and cutting tools and high cycle times assure high product output
  • Room-saving design and ergonomic extraction height
  • A refined high-end stacking/counting system for nearly all different types of products

Machine types

Versions of the SWING-LINE

The SWING-LINE offers everything you need for versatile, cost-efficient production of a multitude of products.

Flexible. Efficient. Fast.