Thermally insulating, flexible and lightweight: the T-Cup

How can you reduce weight and save material with a disposable cup while maintaining the same thermal insulating properties? Gabler Thermoform has found the answer with the top innovative “T-Cup”. The unique design of this double-walled cup consists of an inner and an outer container, which fit together perfectly and are assembled easily. Together, the two cups with a total thickness of 2 mm have the same thermal insulating effect as a 3 mm thick single cup.

The T-Cup is the perfect solution for all applications and areas where cups are needed – cafes, cinemas, airlines, concerts, sports events, promotional events, etc. It is thermal insulating in both directions; meaning that cold drinks stay cold for a long time, ice does not melt as quickly, and hot drinks stay hot longer. The consumer’s hand holding the cup is protected by the thermal insulating properties of the outer cup.

Another advantage of the T-Cup: It is very flexible in use. For example – for a Coffee-to-Go – with a solid, reusable outer cup and a light and thin disposable inner cup, which is replaced after each use. A solution that is both hygienic and environmentally friendly.

Another highlight of the T-Cup: It is very easy to label – an important feature especially in the food industry – and can be designed or printed in different ways depending on the user requirements.

The practical T-Cup can be produced on all Gabler Thermoform M Series tilting machines or on the SWING 3, both in small runs and large quantities.

The advantages of the T-Cup at a glance:

  • Thin-walled outer and inner cup
  • Thermal insulating in both directions
  • Flexible design, many possible uses
  • Material savings of up to 50%
  • Cost-effective cup design
  • Easy to customize with individual labels
  • Flexible decoration options